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Boarding School 

Our boarding school program consists of your dog staying with a professional dog trainer for a period of time. During their stay, the dog will stay in a trainers home, with their pets and their family.  Boarding school is an ideal option for clients who do not have the time it takes to work with their dogs daily.  

Our boarding school program is structured based on on each dogs individual requirements and each clients training goals. The minimum stay is 21 days, however more time may be needed depending on the dogs behavioural issues. 

We are extremely picky on which clients we take on through our boarding school program. We want to ensure the client and the dog are a good match for our program. Therefore not everyone who applies for boarding school, will be accepted. 

Please note that we do not offer boarding school for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. 

Please feel free to inquire for more information. 

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Starting at $100.00 per day.

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Is Boarding School Right For Your Dog?

The reality is the majority of dogs do very well in a boarding school environment. Sometimes removing your dogs from their current environment, where bad behaviours have already been established, can make learning new behaviours for your dog easier. The goal is always for your dog to be in a learning environment where they will be the most successful.

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General Requirements 

All dogs who enter our boarding school program must be crate trained. 

All dogs must sign up for our online training program, Training Dogs Online.

Clients will be required to continue following a specific training plan once the dog returns home. Without following a consistent training plans, dogs will slip back into old behaviours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Boarding School Isn’t a Quick Fix

The most common misconception of  boarding school programs, is that your dog will come back perfectly train. Unfortunately, dogs are not robots and work is still very much required once a dog returns homes. This means that clients looking for a quick fix, should not consider a boarding school, unless they are willing to continue and maintain all that the dog has learned.

Where does my dog stay in the program? 

All dogs who enter our board and train programs, will stay in the home of a professional trainer. This allows for around the clock care, supervision and training. All dogs will be crated or confined indoors when unsupervised and to sleep.

Will I receive updates while my dog is in training?

Absolutely! We ensure clients receive daily updates, that include pictures and videos.

Will my dog lose weight?

That depends! If your dog is overweight then yes, we will put your dog on a diet. If your dog is underweight then no, we will increase your dog’s food intake to help your dog gain weight. If your dog is a good weight, we will maintain your dog’s weight. Our in-home board & train is different from a stressful kennel atmosphere. Dogs aren’t surrounded by loud, barking dogs and overworked/underpaid kennel workers. They are part of our packs and have a great time visiting us for training!

How much will my dog be worked with? 

As much as he needs! We work with dogs often throughout the day. For example, a puppy might receive 15 short training sessions in one day plus a field trip and play time with other dogs! A rehab dog may do longer sessions to work through behavioral issues, but will still be worked with often throughout the day. On average, board & trains do 10-15 sessions per day for a total of 1.5 to 3 hours of training (sometimes more).

What is the cost of boarding school?

The cost will vary on the length of time your dog stays with us and the severity of the issues. Prices start at $100.00 per day and can increase to $150.00 per day.

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