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dog training

Street Wise Canine is one of the most trusted professional dog training companies in the city of Ottawa. We come highly recommended by our clients, veterinarians, boarding facilities and other professionals in the industry. Our years of experience, qualifications and certifications will help give you a clear behaviour management plan you can easily execute and trust. Our goal is to help you maintain a safe, respectful and mindful relationship with your dog.

We specialize in working with reactive and aggressive behaviours. This includes the following: leash reactivity, dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding and overall dangerous behaviours. 

Initial Consultation  
Our Location - $179.99 

All consultations are held at my location in Russell, Ontario. On site assessments allow me to safely assess your dogs behaviour around people as well as dogs if needed. We understand your dogs behaviour may be worse or better when removed from his or her environment, we assure you this will not effect our evaluation process. Once we have conducted our assessment, we are able to give our recommendations and give you the tools you need to implement a successful behaviour modification plan. 

Private Lessons 
Our Location - $89.99 Your Location - $124.99 

Private lessons are intended for clients who need ongoing support after the initial consultation.  They are simply booked on an hourly basis either at our location or your location. 

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