⭐️ Safety: We do not believe that dogs should be left unattended or unsupervised. Your dogs safety is our number 1 priority and having dogs confined in a room, kennel or crate is how we manage to keep your dog safe at night.

⭐️ Physical Exercise: As a training company first and foremost we truly understand the benefits of exercise. This is why dogs each get 1 minimum on leash walk per day. They also receive a ton of running space in our yard to play. The dogs also get treadmill trained in order to provide that little extra for those high energy breeds.

⭐️ Mental Exercise: This to us is just as important as having access to fresh water !!! Mentally working your dogs for me is the biggest part of fulfillment. We always go that extra mile to ensure your dogs minds are being used to their full capacity.

⭐️ Social: If your dog demonstrates a strong need for social behaviour, we make sure to fulfill that by allowing them to run and romp through our 1 acre yard with some like minded pooches. Play becomes a big part of their day if it’s something they require for fulfillment.

⭐️ Quiet time: This is something truly important to us here and we make sure to incorporate it in our daily schedule. Much like young kids, down time throughout the day is very much a key component to successful days. Over tired dogs tend to make poor decisions.

⭐️ Stress: Even if your dog is a social butterfly, leaving them in a new environment can be stressful. It may take some dogs a few days to adjust. If you’ve ever been here, quiet is something we thrive on to make sure new dogs feel as stress free and relaxed as possible. We have the TV playing movies and/or relaxing music 🎶 at all times. The dogs have consistency and one main handler. Stress levels are kept as low as possible.

🔥 I want to stress this final point. If your dog is human or dog aggressive or maybe both, your dog NEEDS to be crate trained. It is 100% unfair & irresponsible for my company and your dog to be loose and unsafe during a stay in a new environment. 

⭐️ We cater to a very specific market when it comes to boarding and we book weeks in advance because of it. We have the opportunity to do all of these extra things due to the quality of clients we receive and the amount we take in.  We don’t usually offer “one offs” for boarding. Our clients come frequently and maintain a great relationship with me and my crew .


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