• Cher Wood

Boarding Dogs

What will our dog do while they stay with you?

I was recently asked what a day in the life of a boarding dog looks like here. It is not a question I receive often as most of my clients are referred to me, therefore they already have a pretty good idea of what goes on here.

The more I thought about the question the more I wanted to dive deeper into it and explain in more detail how I run things here for boarding.

The daily activities and how things work depend on the dogs behaviour, temperament and how often they come here. Regular boarders are completely apart of our pack and family because they are safe and comfortable here. That is one thing we always recommend is to try to board your dog a few nights a month to be able to maintain a relationship with us and our pack. This makes everything less stressful on the dog as they develop a familiarity with us.

How we accommodate different behaviours and temperaments

Safety is our biggest concern here, but that doesn't mean that we turn away dogs with issues. In fact we have a great success rate here, we have never lost a dog or had a dog seriously injured in our care. If your dog has issues, we can work around them. If your dog does not get along with other dogs, all his or her activities will be conducted separately. Do not expect your dog aggressive dog to attend socials during their stay. Clients need to be realistic about safety when boarding a dog with issues.

Tips if you are boarding a dog with behaviour issues;

  • Crate Training: a dog that can be calmly and happily confined can be safely left in a new environment.

  • Muzzle Conditioning: teaching your dog to muzzle up on command can make their stay more enjoyable, as it gives us more opportunity to social them safely.

A sneak peak into a day

When dogs first arrive here for boarding, we instantly go for a walk once the owners have left. What this does is give us an understanding of the dog and also gives the dog an understanding of us. We add rules to our walk and try and keep things as calm as possible. Once the walk is complete, the dogs are then crated for a while to give them an opportunity to adjust and figure things. They can get overwhelmed quickly in a new environment, so giving them the chance to listen, smell and decompress in a safe place is best. After the dogs have relaxed a little, we then leash them up and bring them into the play yard with a few calm dogs to begin with. This is how we test their sociability with other dogs and sometimes even with our pet pig, Arthur. Once we feel comfortable that the dogs are social and safe we may introduce a few more dogs into the mix and let them hangout. The dogs will either hangout outside or inside depending on the weather. All dogs are supervised at all times. Throughout the day the dogs will be crated for short periods of time so they don't get overwhelmed. We also make sure to offer daytime crating in order to replicate your work week schedule. Dogs thrive on consistency and we make sure to provide that. During that time is when I will do on leash walks, and give the dogs some one on one attention. Dogs whom have a little extra energy can benefit from our extra walks or treadmill package. The day can vary depending on the types of dogs here and how well they manage to integrate with my pack.

If you think my environment is just what you are looking for feel free to fill out a booking request.



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