• Cher Wood

The place Command

Are you confusing your dog?

The place is command is a defined surface where you put your dog and expect them to stay until released. Trainers and clients have found it to be one of the most helpful commands. It can help dog owners manage so many behaviours issues such as; charging the door, anxiety, nuisance barking, pacing, chasing the cat and much more!

Why you are confusing your dog.

It is actually a really simple theory, we are doing it wrong. We are using place as two completely different commands, but only calling it one thing.

Place is used to end behaviours, plain and simple, it is how most trainers teach place. “Go there, stay there and be quiet”. Which is completely fine, if that is what you want out of your place command.

Trainers and clients go wrong by using it to create behaviours. Fido, jump on fire hydrant, rock, tree, ball, car.. you get the idea. You are putting dogs on objects that aren’t intended to create an end to a behaviour. You are placing them on surfaces that only makes them anticipate a release, not stay calm and comfortable and maintain behaviour. Sending your dog to place and asking it run through a bunch of obedience commands such as; sit, down, bark, stand, is also confusing. You are attempting to create behaviours in a command that you trained to end behaviours.

Remember before you name and expect a behaviour to be maintained, ask yourself what purpose the command will serve long term for the dog and what you expect out of it.

The more predictable we can be, the better you are.



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