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Unveiling the Truth: Embracing the Power of Dog Breeds

Black dog with gold eyes

As Professional Dog Trainers, we encounter a significant challenge - the mismatch of power. Power, in this context, refers to the innate characteristics and purposes for which dogs were bred. It's frustrating to witness the attempt to turn power into a delicacy, something that is not always possible, no matter how much we desire it.

Let's face the truth - many of us choose dog breeds based on our unrealistic desires, be it for their looks, cuteness factor, or videos showcasing cool tricks. However, these desirable traits often stem from the power within certain breeds, which might not align with our expectations.

For instance, when searching for a family dog, popular articles might suggest breeds that seem suitable. Still, these recommendations may lead to a mismatch of power if we fail to consider the breed's inherent traits. Take the Bull Terrier as an example; although some can indeed make great family pets, their genetic makeup leans towards agility and assertiveness due to their origin as combat dogs.

Genetics plays a vital role in a dog's behaviour, and we can observe it in various breeds' natural tendencies - Border Collies herding, Hounds tracking, Terriers digging, Pointers pointing, and so on.

To live with power, we must first understand it. Owning a powerful breed requires acknowledging their purpose and fulfilling their physical and emotional needs. These dogs thrive when their abilities are harnessed appropriately. Attempting to fit them into a lifestyle that contradicts their nature can lead to challenges.

As Professional Dog Trainers, we've learned that we can't solve every issue, and some breeds simply aren't designed to thrive in every household. It's time to put logic before desire and make informed choices about dog breeds based on their true capabilities.

We cherish our dogs for their genetic traits, both positive and challenging, and recognize that dog training isn't always a breeze. By selecting the right breed that aligns with our lifestyle and preferences, we can make the training journey much smoother and more enjoyable. Embracing the power of dog breeds empowers us to build strong and harmonious relationships with our furry companions.


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