• Cher Wood

What woke me up this morning?

This morning I got woken up at 4:48am. For those who know me you would probably assume it is because a dog was barking, or crying, right? Well let me tell you what animal was having a complete meltdown at 4:48am, the freaking pig! Yes, for those who are completely new to our company, we own a 1 year old pig named Arthur. I want to say he is basically a dog, but really he is a complete pain in the ass and is way more complicated then a dog. Now lets get back to the meltdown this morning that not only included a very loud banging sound, it was paired with the loudest pig screams ever. Inserting pig sound here , so you can fully understand what I am going through at 4:48am...

There is usually 2 reason Arthur will scream bloody murder, when he is angry or hungry. First thing in the morning isn't really a normal time for him to feel angry or hungry, so I figured I would go check on him to make sure everything was fine and to quiet him down before he wakes up the entire house. Speaking of quiet, I was trying to be as quiet as I could walking down the hallway, remember it is only 4:48am. As I am tip toeing down the hall I realize my stealth mode is completely pointless. If you can't figure out why, go back and listen to youtube link inserted. Once that clicks in, I just start running as fast as I could, assuming the faster I get there, the quicker he will hush up and the better the chances are of everyone staying asleep.

On my way down I notice I am being followed by three chihuahuas, one boxer and one cat all wondering WTF is going on this early in the morning. Maybe they were anticipating that Arthur was being brutally murdered by something and they were about to get some free bacon out of it, I don't really know. I will say, they actually looked more excited than pissed off. Insert ANGRY emoji here for me, cause I was pissed off.

Anyways, back to the story, its now maybe 4:49am, pig screaming, three chihuahuas, one boxer and one cat are all following me towards the screams of death. Oh, and don't forget there is also a banging sound paired with the screaming, it kind of sounds like this

( ) .

As I get closer I start saying Arthurs name and he quiets down, not completely quiet, but quiet enough now that he won't continue waking everyone up. I turn all the lights on and go into his room. The three chihuahuas, one boxer and one cat continue to follow me, presumably still anticipating a tasty morning snack. As I walk in I see a giant pissed off pig. Remember I mentioned that sound could have also been hunger, well turns out it was definitely anger. His room was a complete mess, his litter box thrown over, blankets everywhere and his wooden bed flipped upside down. I am now thinking what in gods name happened in here, it looked like a mini tornado had just passed. The three chihuahuas, the one boxer and the one cat look up at me and decide to walk back upstairs, at this point realizing there wasn't a free meal coming there way. I could not figure out what happened to make Arthur so angry so early in the morning. I'm still half asleep, it is maybe 4:52am at this point and I have to clean his room before I head back to bed.

You will never guess what caused all this freaking commotion. I would be really impressed if you could guess what would make a 70 pound pig have a level 10 meltdown at 4:48am. It was a TINY little FROG! Somehow, a small frog had entered into the basement and hopped himself into Arthurs room very, EXTREMELY, early in the morning. I finished cleaning, turned all the lights off and went back to bed.

Once in bed, my boyfriend rolls over and our conversation went something like this;

Mike: "What was that about?"

Me: "Nothing, there was a frog in his room"

Mike:"Oh okay, wonder if all the dogs are going to wake up now" ?

Me: " Fuck..."

Two minutes later, all the dogs were up and now I am wake at 5:00am.

I am also really contemplating my love of frogs......



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