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Specializing in dogs under 20 pounds

We offer an in home boarding environment for your dog while you are away. We only take a maximum of 5 dogs at a time in order to ensure all dogs are receiving the care they need.

1-13 nights:

         1 dog -    $60/night

         2 dogs - $60+ $55/night

         3 dogs - $60+ $55+ $50/night 

14-20 nights:

         1 dog -    $55/night

         2 dogs - $55+ $50/night

         3 dogs - $55+ $50+ $45/night 

21 + nights:

         1 dog -    $50/night

         2 dogs - $50+ $45/night

         3 dogs - $50+ $44+ $40/night

  • 5-6 hours of playtime per day if your dog is sociable 

  • If your dog is not social, they will be walked twice per day on leash and receive individual yard time 3x per day. 

  • Treadmill training (if your dog has some extra energy to burn or doesn’t enjoy social time). 

  • No additional charge for administering medication. 

Only our regular boarding clients have the option to participate in off leash hikes.  Regular clients must board at minimum 2x per month. 

We accept unaltered dogs, as long as female dogs are not actively in heat.  

We do not offer a physical tour of our home. We are NOT a facility, we are an in home environment. If you would like to see where your pet is staying, please feel free to ask us to send you a video. 

** Dogs over 15 pounds must be crate trained in order to board with us. We decide if dogs will be required to be crated or confined during their stay. This is based on our professional opinion once we get to know the individual dog.  

Dogs that require the safety of a crate, will be crated a maximum of 2-3 hours throughout the day, as well as during bedtime. 

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